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As American as baseball, apple pie, and throwing stuff in the trash after you use it once.

In Lee Child’s A Wanted Man, action hero Jack Reacher says that the Russians used to train agents to speak accent-free English, but that they could be detected because of their odd choice of words.  Several aspects of this seem … Continue reading

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You didn’t build that, homo heidelbergensis

Lou, the hero of Elizabeth Moon’s The Speed of Dark, lives independently in ways that make him a very successful autistic person: he certainly prefers living alone to living in a group home, and he likes being able to arrange … Continue reading

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The Weirdest Link

Some years ago, a couple of friends and Shelster and I decided to start a book group.  One of the friends chose a novel called The Life of Edgar Sawtelle, a 500+-page retelling of Hamlte set in rural Wisconsin, with … Continue reading

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Listening to the Detectives

My mother loved crime novels, but they had to be nice crime novels, with nice people in them.  This was a surprisingly easy restriction to overcome—there was that nice Father Brown and that nice Lord Peter and platoons of spunky … Continue reading

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