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Come si dice ‘legitimate rape’ in iitaliano?

OK, I take it back.  In my last post I dissed the “100 Books” list for being provincial, in particular too narrowly restricted to the Anglophone world, but when I tried to think of foreign-language titles that belong on … Continue reading

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I have here in my hand a list…

The other day I noticed that Amazon had produced a list of “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” and could not resist checking it out.  The “in a lifetime” bit must explain the large contingent of children’s books; as … Continue reading

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Cause I’m the Ho Chi Coochie Minh, everybody knows I’m here…

During World War II, a group of Vietnamese men was traveling through southern China on their way to establish a base in the mountains of northern Indochina for operations against their  country’s Japanese and French masters.  One of their number  … Continue reading

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