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The Englishman is slow to mate

Not that anyone would dream of asking me, but my advice to any ambitious young British writer would be to change her name to Penelope. Not one but two Penelopes (Fitzgerald and Lively) have won the Booker Prize. How many … Continue reading

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Ye’re nae unco gleg at the leapin, me Whiggy!

As a child I read a few of what must have been considered classics for boys–this would be when I was 8 or 9, before I had become absorbed in my older siblings’ copies of The Godfather and Fear of Flying.  I … Continue reading

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The End of the World News

Some years ago a pack of my sisters (a gaggle? a  murder?) went to Ireland and stayed at a B&B run by a cousin.  When a customer asked for more tea, my sister A. helpfully offered to fetch it, but when … Continue reading

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Car love. Meat love.

Well, I was surprised how much people here (in contrast to those in my poetry group) liked the poetry of Rae Armantrout.  Perhaps you will also get a kick out of c.d. wright’s Deepstep Come Shining, a book-length poem that … Continue reading

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