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Initials B.B. The curious mangling of Benjamin Button

I almost skipped Fitzgerald’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” when I came to it in an anthology of “terror and the uncanny.”*  I am not the biggest Fitzgerald fan, and I had not liked the movie.  “Didn’t like” doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Descent of Man: H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine

Did you know that H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine is a cautionary tale about the evils that will follow if we don’t start sterilizing or killing the weaker members of society?  It came as a surprise to me, though I … Continue reading

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Help me, Ziggy Stardust–you’re my last hope! The Bowie-olatry of Tracy K Smith

From Tracy K Smith’s collection Life on Mars (this year’s Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry) here is “Don’t You Wonder, Sometimes?”: Modern poets who write about death, time, the universe, God, and that sort of thing have to steer … Continue reading

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Poor Alice–and she was just small

There’s an important aspect of Alice Sheldon and her alter ego James Tiptree Jr. that I didn’t get to in the last post, so here goes. In Tiptree’s story “The Girl Who Was Plugged IN,” we meet P. Burke, a … Continue reading

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You Don’t Live Right Alice B. Sheldon and James Tiptree, Jr.

Here’s a typical scenario from the stories of  James Tiptree Jr., the pen-name of Alice B. Sheldon: a man stranded on a remote beach with two women finds that they are being approached by extraterrestrials.  When it becomes clear that … Continue reading

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