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The naked man and woman are just a shining artifact of the past.

An acquaintance, describing her experience at the Womyn’s Music Festival in Michigan (“this woman was totally giving herself a breast* massage…”), turned to me and “Hmm, I don’t think you could get in with that beard.” The festival, you see, … Continue reading

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Of boobs and bagels: etymology and bias

In my last stint in grad school, I had some (thankfully limited) encounters with the discipline of Education, and learned that there is a controversy about the word ‘pedagogy.’ Apparently some educators felt that because it contains the root ped- … Continue reading

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Ever-returning Spring, or Walt puts his queer shoulder to the wheel

Probably the lilacs have been in bloom for a while now even here in Minnesota, but I have been away and only today smelled them for the first time. And as usual I thought of the first lines of “When … Continue reading

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Presidential polling update.

It’s been something over a month since I reviewed the polling in the presidential race, so I thought I’d offer an update for anyone who’s interested. As before, I used the list of state polls at Dave Leip US Election … Continue reading

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