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Hating on Same-Sex Marriage: it’s a thankless job, but apparently someone has to do it.

Someone I used to know posted this link on Facebook (I know some people regularly cull their FB friend lists, but I actually do like the person in question, and anyway my friend count is already in the loser range).   … Continue reading

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We are the champions…of pleasure

Constantine P. Cavafy, in his poem “I Went,” dares to drink the strong beverages preferred by the “champions of pleasure.”  This phrase makes me think of the first of Cavafy’s English admirers, E.M. Forster, who wrote of the “holiness of … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday: the pleasures of Gibbon

It shouldn’t be this way.  Kevin Powers’ The Yellow Birds is supposedly excellent and undeniably short, but I found myself slogging through it with more and more effort until I finally ground to a halt like the Wehrmacht on the … Continue reading

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Babe Ruth through the night

David Byrne told us to stop making sense, but that’s just not how we humans roll.  You can see this in folk etymologies like cold slaw, bridegroom, and butt naked, and in the way that I (and, I’m sure, many … Continue reading

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