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Call me Crepe de Chine

The busy girl buys beauty, the pretty girl buys style. nd the simple girl buys what she’s told to buy…   So says Billy Bragg, and that’s always been pretty much my attitude toward the femininity industry.  It seems like … Continue reading

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A child’s garden of shrapnel

When I was a kid, World War II was not history. It was the cool war, the most popular basis for games that involved shooting people or blowing them up. We Americans were just finishing up our adventure Vietnam when I was … Continue reading

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When I forget how to talk, I sing

Paul Muldoon’s “Sleeve Notes” is a series of responses to LPs (as we called them in my day); the one about  Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man ends: his songs have meant far more to me than most of the so-called … Continue reading

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She makes you an offer you can’t understand

We’ve been reading Rae Armantrout, considered one of the more accessible of the Language Poets.  You might think that poets by their nature would be in love with language, but the Language Poets seem to have been named by the … Continue reading

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Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash

I have often pondered the selection of books offered by the Blind Guy Library–sometimes there seems to be an obsession at work, as when Mr. Darcy, Vampire  and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter were added in consecutive months. Sometimes I wonder if … Continue reading

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