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“Post-War” in Eunoia Review:


“Pedagogy” in


Strange But Not a Stranger, an essay about childhood and friendship, in Neutrons/Protons:


Mr. Roy, an essay about my grrandfather, in Neutrons/Protons:


Walk Me to the Corner, an essay on blindness and poetry, in Wordgathering:


His Blood Runs Through Her Instrument, an essay about Shelster, in Neutrons/Protons:


When I Make My Road Trip Movie, in Eclectica:



Touching Tongues, a series of six columns in Neutrons/Protons

I am Womyn:

Stop Making Sense:

That’s Amore:

Me Tok Pisin One Day:

Who Does Number Two Work For?:

Shibboleth Schmibboleth: