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Aryan nation?

If you study historical linguistics, you will run across the term “Aryan” at some point, probably in an older but perfectly harmless book. A group of people living a few thousand years ago in what is now Iran referred to their … Continue reading

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The King’s Thpeech

Have you heard the one about the lisping king? You’ve probably noticed that, while Hispanophones from this hemisphere generally pronounce s, z, and soft c (i.e. before front vowels) identically, Spaniards make a distinction. They say s as we do … Continue reading

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Is Mitt whistling “The Young and the Restless” at the Midwest?

OK, this post is about the presidential election, so if you find that kind of thing boring, just move along. I myself am fascinated by such things, and have been pondering a few questions: First, does Mitt Romney’s erratic performance … Continue reading

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Is this the party to whom I am speaking?

On September 23, 1960, at a gathering in the UW-Madison student union, new grad student Joyce Carol Oates met Ray Smith, an older student about to finish his PhD work on Swift.  He asked her to dinner, and they saw … Continue reading

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