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A Great Cloud of Witlessness

American history, especially colonial history, has never been my bag, and I suppose  one reason is the absurd use to which our early history is frequently put. Here’s the opening of Michele Bachmann’s speech announcing the end of her Presidential … Continue reading

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Such beautiful shirts!

So I finally gave in and read The Great Gatsby. I had resisted for a long time–the few short stories of Fitzgerald’s that I had read left me pretty cold, and at a certain point the knowledge that you are … Continue reading

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Boy from the Low Country

It is not often that you run across a style as distinctive and memorable as Atsuro Riley’s.  To say that something is unique is not necessarily to praise it–James Merrill, when asked to writer a blurb for a poet he … Continue reading

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Where did our love go?

As the 2012 Presidential campaign gets rolling, it’s striking how hard it is to recall the intensity and enthusiasm of 2008.  At the time, though, there were a lot of good reasons for our Obamamania, and David Plouffe’s The Audacity … Continue reading

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Best of 2011, Bookwise-speaking

These are, of course, not books published in 2011 but books I read in 2011 Best Goofy Sci-Fi Scenario Eifelheim, Michael Flynn (Space aliens land in a medieval German village and discuss cosmology and ethics with the local priest). Blogged … Continue reading

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