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If not for you, I couldn’t even find the door.

I am a sort of second cousin to Henry, the time-traveler in The Time-Traveler’s Wife. This may seem surprsing, since Henry is a muscular coke-snorting hipster who can (and will) beat you up or pick your pocket, but here’s how … Continue reading

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Where do you want this killing done?

The Bible is a strange book.  You probably knew that, but in reading Genesis I’ve been particularly struck by what an odd holy book it makes: Jacob is basically a trickster, more Bugs Bunny than Charlton Heston, and Abraham is constantly trying … Continue reading

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City Boy

Edmund White’s City Boy: My Life in New York in the ’60s and ’70s is probably more fun, and certainly more surprising, if you haven’t read different versions of many of the same stories in his earlier books.  Still, he’s … Continue reading

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That’s like so totally random!

There is something that really bugs people about chance. Fictional detectives sometimes say “thare’s no such thing as a coincidence”; I hope real detectives don’t say this, because if you think that every pattern means something you’re well on the … Continue reading

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I still miss my cape, and those weekends in the hotel.

Like everyone else, I have watched an unreasonably large number of episodes of Star Trek in my life.  Though nominally science fiction, the show could assume a variety of genres…some ‘sodes seem to have been inspired by someone rummaging through … Continue reading

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Blind Man’s Guff

My older brothers used to have a friend named JT who was something of a stoner’s stoner. It was said that he had come across a copy of “Revolver” but somehow gotten the idea that it was by a Beatles … Continue reading

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This poem sends ninjas and wizards out to reverse time and destroy the robots.

Another favorite item in this year’s BestAmPo is “Four Addresses” by Peter Davis.  The “addresses” are diected at 5-year-old boys, “People Who Are Tired, Hungry, or Horny,” “People with Certain Expectations About Poetry That Are Not Fulfilled in This Poem,” … Continue reading

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