some music

As usual, my ‘favorites of 2010’ list does not comprise only or even mainly songs released this year, just things that were new to me.

Metric’s pop hooks are just merciless.  (That sounds like a 1-sentence homage to Rolling Stone-ese, but it’s true.)

The Carolina Chocolate Drops were mesmerizing in concert–I don’t think I’ve ever seen a MN audience so ensorcelled.

Apparently string/jug bands like CCD are what the early blues divas (Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey) typically toured with, not the jazzy horns and pianos that you hear on their records (at least according to History of the Blues by Francis Davis).

Maybe the CD that we listened to most this year, Broken Bells is a collaboration between Danger Mouse and the Shings dude whose name I can naver remember:

This Beirut song was a special favorite of Shelster’s this fall:

From Okkervil River, the guys who did the song about John Berryman:

For some reason, I love this band’s name, The Rural Alberta Advantage.  Also love the jittery nervous drums with cello.

And how about some ’80s retro Japanese bossa nova:

Not necessarily new but listened to a lot: Watson Twins (sadly they did a really lame set at the Cedar), “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Sterive Wonder, “Brick House” by the Commodores, “Statesboro Blues” by Blind Willie McTell, some Grizzly Bear, David Bowie, Petula Clark, Patsy Cline, Mississippi John Hurt, Amelia Curran, and the staff at the University of Ghana post office.

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7 Responses to some music

  1. beth mchugh says:

    So glad you put CCD out there! And your mention of “Brick House” made me laugh out loud…just this past weekend, Peggy and Rose and I had to pull it up online for a listen after passing a new restaurant on Folly Road toward Folly Beach…called Brick House Kitchen…the conversation deteriorated into some giggling mayhem after that but it was sure fun….thanks for the reminder!

  2. beth mchugh says:

    Ok I must have missed something…or I am particularly dense tonight…please tell about the rat charm?

    • beth mchugh says:

      Ok just got the reference to her comments about the rodent….very funny, Roy…and might just be a good Christmas gift?

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